How can I update my Waze message?

This article will help you update the custom Waze message for your organization.

Problem: You see the default message in Waze when you tap on a hazard for your vehicle, but you want a custom message.

Solution: Please use this form to submit a request to our support team. In the message of the form, please put in quotes what you'd like the message to be.

Messages are displayed when the hazard is tapped in the app. Custom messages are not spoken and do not automatically appear in the initial Waze hazard notification. Custom messages are unavailable for other alerting partners (e.g., Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, or other navigation applications).

The message must be 40 characters or less.

The message cannot be prescriptive. Examples include "Township Towing ahead, move left." or "We Tow for Less on scene, move right."


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