How do I connect my Samsara VG-34 Gateway to emergency lights?

This article will review the steps to wire your emergency lights to the Samsara VG-34 gateway.

The VG-34 gateway from Samsara includes the necessary cabling to connect your warning lights. With this connection, Safety Cloud can process and deliver Digital Alerts for your company.

With your VG-34, look for the main wiring bundle and a pigtail of three wires. These are color-coded brown, red, and orange.

The 3-wire pigtail may be bundled in the wiring harness and should be pulled out.

  1. Remove the heat shrink tubing from the pigtail to expose the three wires.
  2. Locate the wires for Input 1 (Red) and Input 2 (Orange)
  3. Wire the Input 2 (Orange) into the circuit of the warning lights. 
  4. Verify the voltage of the input. When the voltage surpasses 3.3V, the VG considers the device On. A voltage under 3.3V is considered Off. If the voltage remains off, recheck that you're using the Orange wire and that they're firmly connected.

Samsara recommends using 20-gauge copper wire, and HAAS Alert recommends using an in-line fuse.

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