How do I connect my Samsara VG-54 Gateway to emergency lights?

This article will review the steps to wire your emergency lights to the Samsara VG-54 gateway.

The VG-54 gateway from Samsara normally does not include the necessary cabling to connect your warning lights unless you specifically asked for the CBL-VG-CAUX cable when you ordered your gateways.

If you need this cable, you may order these on your own through your Samsara Webstore.

Ordering CBL-VG-CAUX Cables

  1. Login to your Samsara Dashboard
  2. In the left pane, click on the colored circle icon near the bottom
  3. Click on Webstore
  4. Scroll down and look for the VG54 Aux Cable option
  5. Click the Buy button
  6. Adjust the quantity and complete the Checkout process

If you want to order these from HAAS Alert, that is an option. Please contact your HAAS Alert salesperson.

Connecting the VG-54 Auxillary Cable

  1. Connect the Samsara cable to the 8-pin port on the Samsara gateway.

You'll need to remove a rubber cover on the gateway to expose this port.

2. Use the Orange wire for Auxillary Input 2.

Do not use the Orange wire if the Samsara Privacy Button is installed. You would then use the Brown (Aux 3), Green (Aux 4), or Purple (Aux 5) wire.

3. Use a butt splice to connect the AUX wire to the warning lights switch.

If you used the recommended Orange wire, you will need to configure this Auxillary Input 2 in your Samsara Dashboard. If you had to use Brown, Green, or Purple, configure the corresponding Auxillary input number in the Samsara Dashboard.

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